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Taking a data-driven approach to digital currency policy delivers a super-power: the ability to connect the dots faster and more accurately.

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Every weekend, this podcast and newsletter/transcript shows you how advanced technology delivers game-changing ways to assess public policy trends. We focus on three thematic verticals to make it real:

  • Fridays: Digital Currency/Defi — ChainReg

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Noone knows public policy better than we do.

  • We have been in the room making decisions with Senate-confirmed officials, global regulators, and major senior central bankers on multiple continents…negotiating which words should be used (or omitted) in a document.

  • We have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial engineers that laid the foundation for today’s quantitative finance revolution.

  • We have advanced degrees in international relations, law, AND political science which provide the framework in which public policy decisions have been made.

  • We wrote the process patent that generates momentum and volatility data from the language of public policy and generates the most precise training data for large language models pointed at public policy.

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