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You know that

  • public policy drives market prices

  • policy shifts often occur in plain sight but in hard-to-find places or using convoluted language

  • by the time a headline hits, the decision has already been made

  • advanced technology makes it possible for machines to read human language

  • policy risks are expressed verbally but markets measure risk quantitatively.

But you don’t know how advanced language technology bridges the divide between policy language and risk identification.

Welcome to the innovation frontier.

Once a week on Tuesdays (starting January 3, 2023), this newsletter presents an essay and companion podcast discussing how sovereign language is different, how advanced technology delivers game-changing ways to assess public policy trends, and why it matters.

How do we know? Because we wrote the award-winning, patented process that converts words into numbers, measuring public policy momentum and volatility.

Everyone else in technology focused on sentiment analysis. But they have not been in the room with other Senate-confirmed officials or global regulators or major senior central bankers negotiating which word should be used in a document. And they have not worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial engineers that laid the foundation for today’s quantitative finance revolution. And they don’t have advanced degrees in international relations, law, or political science which provide the framework in which public policy decisions have been made.

People like us don’t go into to technology. But we did and we patented the data generation process. And then we started winning awards on the global stage (NATO, G20/BIS). With four years of multivariate time series quantitative data and underlying structured language data (including stock market ticker symbols), and our friends telling us that we need to write a book, we are ready to start sharing systematically what we know.

So join us each week as we explore what we know about sovereign language, the technology to measure it, how to assess it mathematically, and how to think about it in relation to market data. See what questions we are asking at the frontier of the unknown.

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The comment people most often make to us: “we did not know policy momentum could be measured.” This newsletter provides a safe space where you get to see the questions others are asking and you get to see how we answer them.

Climb the learning curve with us. Learn how subject matter experts and global strategists deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) and quantitative finance principles to extend the efficient frontier. Reach out to us quietly with your questions.

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